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If you would like to trade without the hassle and expense of having to stock the products, paying for them being shipped to you and then paying again to ship them to your clients, then dropshipping is for you.


  • You let us know that you want to work with us on the dropshipping basis. We will need to know your full details - name, address, website address, email address, telephone number. We will also need to have your dispatch note to send to your customer with each order.
  • We let you know how to get to the page where you will be able to buy the products from us with the applicable discount.
  • You may copy information/pictures relating to the products from our site onto your website. Please note that only the information relating to the products can be copied.
  • You will need to make sure that your shipping charges are not lower than ours - to avoid losing money. You will notice that many shipping charges are typical and the same for most parts of the world. We recommend using the cheapest rates.
  • Your customer makes an order through your system - you make an order through our system (on the dropshipping page).
  • You email us the shipping note to your customer.
  • We ship the order to your customer with your shipping note and return address - as if the goods were dispatched by you.


Please note: Following discounts are applicable to orders of net value (excluding VAT - where applicable - and shipping charges):

  Net order value
Applicable discount
£50 - 100
£101 - 150 15%
£151 - 250
£251 - 500
£1001 and over


If you are in the UK or another EC country, we will charge VAT on your orders to us (VAT is charged on the sum of the order and shipping charges), since by law we are obliged to, being a VAT-registered business. If your business is VAT-registered, then you will charge VAT to your customer. If not, you will be expected to increase the price by the amount of the charged VAT, since it will be what your customers would be paying if they bought from pur site. This will ensure that you do not lose out on VAT charged to you.


Shipping is calculated based on the weight and destination of your order. We ship by Royal Mail, ParcelForce and courier services - DHL and Fast Lane International. You can find out the costs of shipping from our website, when you enter the order details, or by emailing us. If you prefer the order to be shipped by other means, please let us know - we will be happy to help. You may wish to organise your own delivery, in which case you will have to send an order by email indicating your request.

Shipping charges for retail orders are calculated automatically  on the website when you place your order, depending on the destination and chosen shipping method.
Orders over 100kg in weight will be treated as freight orders, and we will make every effort to shop around for the best shipping quote for you. Please send an enquiry by email to


If you are unhappy with you products, please send us you purchase back in its original packaging with your reasons for return within 30 days of receipt and we will either send you a replacement or refund the money (excluding the postage), according to your preferences.


Generally, our activities are largely based on trust and good will. We also try to keep things as simple as possible. Having happy customers who will help us spread the word about our products is important to us. If you are unhappy with the product or service, please let us know and we will make everything possible to come to an amicable solution.


If you have a working website relating to health/beauty, you may decide to join our Affiliate programme where you can earn up to 50% commission. Please refer to the Affiliates section of the website for details and the application form.